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EHS Safety and Compliance Software

We have professionly developed compliance protocols for the following markets and/or our team of EHS professionals can develop a custom protocol specifically for your business model and needs:

  • Education


  • Healthcare


  • Industrial


  • Cannibis


  • Retail


  • Construction


  • Hospitality


  • Life Sciences

    Life Sciences

  • Government


  • Oil and Gas

    Oil & Gas

What is ?

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AuditPRO is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fully hosted safety and compliance inspection solution that combines professionally designed smart forms with actionable findings and corrective recommendations, all contained within an easy to use, mobile platform. Years of compliance experience are instilled in this intuitive tool, offering:

  • A web-based portal that enables comprehensive self-directed compliance and reporting activities, ensuring thorough, accurate and professional audits—automatically!
  • The ability to perform regular, no-cost spot inspections with data collection, reporting, and management capabilities that dramatically increase productivity and reduce overhead.
  • Advanced features such as handwriting recognition, photo capture, and intelligent logic to instinctively guide even inexperienced staff members through state-specific OSHA, EPA, and fire safety protocols.
  • Robust Reporting capabilities such as custom dashboards and reports, sharing, and exporting that allow you to focus on the information that matters most to your organization.
  • Affordable pricing, no installation expense, no support fees, and no equipment costs required.

Indispensable for Any Organization

  • Ready-to-use forms with industry-specific questions, regulations and standards
  • Real time assessment of potential compliance vulnerabilities
  • Know where to focus your efforts to reduce risk, and improve safety & compliance

Key Benefits

  • Quantify exposure in dollars and demonstrate measurable reduction in risk over time
  • Perform a comprehensive audit with little or no compliance expertise necessary
  • Use AuditPRO as your EMS or SMS, or let it work alongside your existing EMS or SMS
  • Go beyond typical auditing tools to gain both protocols and corrective actions
  • Instill a culture of compliance across your organization
  • Benefit from a cloud-based subscription tool that costs less than a part-time entry-level employee

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