AuditPRO Release Information

Recent Releases


Release 2.8 is a minor release of AuditPRO and provides several new features and enhancements that affect all users. This release provides:

  • New A new premium Issue Auto-Assign (AA) feature for AuditPro subscribers.

  • New Issue Assigment Auto-Complete for AuditPro Core subscribers

  • New Various enhancements, optimizations and fixes

Release Details

Feature: AuditPRO Premium Issue Auto-Assign (AA)

The Premium Issue Auto-Assign (AA) feature is a new feature that provides the ability for administrators to automatically assign issues to their users based on one of six different criteria for each Issue reported in AuditPRO. Administrators can now configure automatic assignments of Issues on a fklexible per-user basis by Room, Floor, Building, Department, Violation Type, or Institution. Figure 1- User Assignment

User assignments can be created with a few simple clicks on the user's profile page.

AuditPROS's proprietary data structure make's it easy to pinpoint the exact user administrator's want to be assigned certain types of issues.

For more information on licensing options for AuditPRO Issue Auto-Assign (AA) Scheduling, contact your AuditPRO representative or reseller.

Feature: Issue Assigment Auto-Complete

The Issue Assigment Auto-Complete feature allows administrators the ability to filter their user list through type-down filtering. This is especially valuable for organizations with a large number of users.

Figure 2- Issue Assigment Auto-Complete

Allows the ability to type any part of the user's name the administrator is serach for and the system will filter out any non-matching users reducing the number of choices.

Issue Assigment Auto-Complete is available to all AuditPRO subscribers.

Enhancements, Optimizations and Fixes

  • Added ability to capture Floor Information.
  • Various Bug Fixes.


Release 2.7 is a minor release of AuditPRO and provides several new features and enhancements that affect all users. This release provides:

  • New A new premium Scheduling feature for AuditPro subscribers.

  • New Automated User Reminders for AuditPro Core subscribers

  • New Various enhancements, optimizations and fixes

Release Details

Feature: AuditPRO Premium Scheduling

The Premium Scheduling feature is a new feature that provides scheduling capabilities for all users and administrators. All users can now enter personal events they want to share with their team into the My Tasksview.

Figure 1- My Tasks View

Clicking on the Add Event button brings up the Create Event Form for you to add your personal event information.

Figure 2- Create Personal Event Form in My Tasks View

Personal Tasks are viewable in the My Tasks view for the logged in user as well as the Scheduling view for all administrators.

In addition to Personal Events, there is now a Scheduling view available to subscribed client administrators. Subscribed administrators can create personal events as well as General and Task for themselves and their team.

Figure 3-Scheduling View

Clicking on the Add Event button brings up the Create Event Form for you to add your personal event information.

Figure 4- Create Event Form in Scheduling View

Clicking on the Import Events button will allow administrators to import a spreadsheet of events to upload the AuditPro Scheduling.

Figure 5- Import Events Window in Scheduling View

Task events are designed to integrated seamlessly with our Form Dispatch service to allow administrators to create pre-populated mobile forms and assign them to users to be completed in their AuditPRO forms client.

For more information on licensing options for AuditPRO Premium Scheduling, contact your AuditPRO representative or reseller.

Feature: Automated User Reminders

The automated user reminders feature allows greater control of email reminders for all users.

Allows the ability to turn on off weekly reminders for all users on a per-location basis. Weekly reminders are sent for overdue assignemtns inclusing Action Plans, Issue completion, and Scheduled Tasks (when subscribed to Premium Scheduling)

For Scheduling clients, allows users to turn on forwarding of of Task Events to their personal email calendar.

Figure 6- Event Forward Auto-forward to Email Client User Setting

Enhancements, Optimizations and Fixes

  • Added robust logging of dependent services, application events, and client side rendering.
  • Added toast style notifications.
  • Optimized server and client frameworks.
  • Various Bug FIxes.


Release 2.6 is a minor release of AuditPRO and provides several new features and enhancements that affect all users. This release provides:

  • New Integrated support options for all users

  • New Audit Records Repository to house all AuditPRO client audit report pdf documents automatically

  • New Inline Document Viewer to view Reporistory documements

Release Details

Feature: AuditPRO Support Form

The Support Form feature is a web-based form that is available from anywhere on the AuditPRO portal. The form completes all user contact information and makes it easy to contact the AuditPRO support team for general questions or issues you may be experiencing.

Figure 1- Support Form Link on Bottom Right All Screens

Clicking on the Support Form link brings up the Support Form prepopulated with your user information making it easy to get in touch with the support team.

Figure 2- AuditPRO Support Form

The support contact information can also be customized for clients that desire their users to follow a different support process.

Feature: Help Page Contact Information

The Help Page now lists the Support contact information on the bottom right of the screen under the heading Get Help. This information is also "client customizable" based on individual client needs.

Figure 3- Get Help Support Information Block

Feature: Automatic Audit Records Repository

The Automatic Audit Reports Repository feature provides a comprehensive repository of Audit Record pdfs reflecting every audit conducted by the client staff. The Audit Record pdfs are immediately available upon completion and submission of a form using the AuditPRO Mobile Form client without any user intervention. Like all other repositories in AuditPRO, the Audit Records repository is subject to the same user level access permissions controlled by client administrators.

Figure 4- Audit Reports Repository

Feature: Inline Document Viewer

The Inline Document Viewer enables an instant view of the repository documents without the needs to download and save to the users computer. It supports standard office documents, pdf, and web-ready images. If the document is of a type that is supported by the Inline Document Viewer, a viewer icon will appear next to the download link in the Repository list.

Figure 5- Inline Document Viewer Button

Click on the viewer button next to a document will open it in the Inline Document Viewer.

Figure 6- Example Inline Document Viewer


Release 2.5 is a major release of AuditPro and provides several new features and enhancements that affect all users and administrators. For administrators, this release provides robust business intelligence and reporting known as AuditPro Compliance Intelligence (CI) as well as our new enhancements to provide more flexible user assignment capabilities within the AuditPro solution known as Flex-Assign. For administrators, the AuditPro CI enhancements include three (3) provided AuditPro BI Dashboards and fifteen (15) preconfigured reports. For users, the assignment model has been revamped in Flex-Assign to provide the ability for a single user account to be assigned across multiple locations/institutions without the need for elevated permissions. In addition, there are various bug fixes in AuditPro version 2.5 including a fix rendering of custom avatars on user lists, and a fix for the rendering department column in certain views when enabled.

Deprecated Features

With the release of AuditPro CI and the extremely flexible schedule reporting model, we have removed the legacy Subscriptions feature that sent pdf reports on a weekly and monthly basis. Effective on 4/1/2017, Users will no longer see the “Subscriptions” option in the Reporting Menu and the legacy Weekly and Monthly reports will no longer be delivered via email. For those users that would like to continue to receive these reports, the exact same report structure has been duplicated in the Monthly Report dashboard. User are encouraged to use it as is or modify it to their needs.

Release Details

Feature: AuditPro Compliance Intelligence (CI)

The AuditPRO CI feature is a fully capable business intelligence suite built directly into the AuditPro solution that provides administrators with access to vital real-time as well as historical information related the entire Organization or specifically location/institutions they manage. AuditPro CI has two primary components, Dashboard and Reports.


The Dashboard within AuditPro CI is used to aggregate or combine multiple individual reports into a single view. AuditPro CI provides three default Dashboards to all administrators to serve as starting point for their reporting needs.

Figure 1- Sample AuditPro CI Dashboard View

The Dashboard has many features including:

  • the ability to filter by location, building, department, and room
  • shared with other users within the AuditPro system and via email as links or in HTML embedded and PDF format
  • printable as either HTML or PDF
  • displayed as a slide show within the browser
  • scheduled for email delivery on an ad-hoc or recurring basis


The report is the foundation of AuditPro CI in that it provides administrators with a real-time view of compliance information for their organization. Reports are based on custom views of the AuditPro database to provide the ability to filter the data by common meta-data values such as by location, building, department, and room. In addition to the 15 canned reports already available, AuditPro CI also provides two methods to develop reports based on the provided views. The Instant Report Designer is provided to allow for quicker report development with fewer ad-hoc control features. For more on the designer feature contact your AuditPro account representative.

Reports List

The Report List is where all visible reports are displayed to and interacted with by end users. Below is an example of how the report list looks in AuditPro.

Figure 2- Sample AuditPro CI Reports List Report Viewer

The Report Viewer lets you look at and modify existing any report, save a variation, print it, export to various formats, and share it through email.

Figure 3- Sample AuditPro CI Report Viewer

Feature: Flex-Assign

The Flex-Assign feature has been introduced into AuditPro to provide a more robust level of flexibility and granularity in the assignment of users and administrators within the system. In combination with the users feature permissions, this capability enables administrators to assign users to exactly the locations/institutions they need without requiring higher level access than necessary to perform the user day-to-day functions.

In addition, the Flex-Assign feature now enables administrators to grant and revoke administrative privileges directly in the user profile window. Both of these features are illustrated in the example user profile below:

Figure 4-Sample Flex-Assign User Profile Edit Screen

Bug Fixes

AuditPro 2.5 resolved two specific issues:
  1. Broken rendering of custom user avatars in list views – in some cases, custom avatars where not rendering correctly in User lists for Administrators.
  2. Department Column Not Visible in Issues Grid – For Organizations using the Department meta-data column, the Department was not rendering in the Location Administrator view


Release 2.2 is a minor release of AuditPro to provide additional email capabilities related to issue management for users and supervisors. This enhancement includes HTML formatted emails as well as a new option called the Email Auto-Close feature. The Issue Dashboard has also been refactored in pure HTML to permit viewing of the dashboard graphs on mobile devices on IOS and Android platforms. For more information on this release or to enable the Email Auto-Close feature, please contact your AuditPro account representative.

Reformatted Issue Email Notifications

Email notifications sent to both Assignees and Supervisors have been reformatted in HTML and provide all Issue information within the email body. This enables Assignees how and when to act on the Issue without need for logging into AuditPro to determine the criticality and priority of the Issue. This enhancement applies to all emails related to Issue assignment and approval. Below is a screenshot of the new email format displaying the issue detail.

Figure 1- Issue Assignment Email with Issue Details

Email Auto-Close Option for Assignees

The Email Auto-Close feature is an option setting that is applied at the Client level meaning that once enables by an AuditPro Administrator, the option is available to all assignees at all locations within that client. The feature enables the Assignee to quickly acknowledge and close the Issue assigned to them by clicking a button in the email without needing to log into AuditPro. When this feature is enabled, an “Acknowledge & Close” button appears at the bottom of the email following the Issue Details. An example of an Issue Assignment email with this feature enabled is shown below:

Figure 2- Issue Assignment Email with Email Auto-Close Feature Enabled
Please Note: If the “Acknowledge & Close” button does not appear in Issue Assignment emails, the Email Auto-Close feature is not enable for the parent Organization.

Email Auto-Close Workflow

The workflow for Email Auto-Close has two primary paths. The first path is where the Assignee has no Supervisor assigned to them. In this case, when the “Acknowledge & Close” button is clicked in the email the Assignee will be notified that the Issue has been closed immediately.

The second path is where the Assignee does have a Supervisor assigned to them. In this case, when the “Acknowledge & Close” button is clicked in the email the Assignee will be notified that the Issue has been marked for review and approval by their Supervisor. A second email is then sent to the Supervisor notifying them of the pending issue for review. A simplified workflow diagram depicting the workflow is shown in Figure 3 below:

Figure 3 – Simplified Email Auto-Close Workflow

Supervisor Pending Issue Approval

Supervisors will receive an email for each Issue closed by people that report to them in AuditPro. The email will contain all Issue details with a notification and action button at the bottom of the email for the Supervisor to quickly log into AuditPro, fill in the necessary details, and approve or reject the closure. Figure 3 below shows the action area of the Pending Issue Approval email where the Supervisor can manage the request.

Figure 4- Supervisor Manage Request button in Pending Issue Approval email

When the Supervisor clicks the “Manage the Request” button, they are directed to Log into AuditPro. Once logged in, a streamlined Issue Detail screen appears instructing them to complete the minimum information for the Action plan for the issue. Figure 4 below shows the Issue Detail view and the minimum fields to create the Action plan.

Figure 5- Supervisor Quick Action Plan View

Once the action plan is created by the Supervisor, the approval fields are displayed so the Supervisor can approve or disapprove the closure. Figure 5 below shows the Action Plan Details entered and Supervisor Approval fields that display once the Action plan has been created.

Figure 6- Supervisor Approval View After Action Plan Creation

If approved, the Issue is immediately closed and no further action is required. If disapproved, another email is sent to the Assignee with the reason for the rejection of the closure. Figure 6 below shows the Action Area of the email sent to the Assignee if the Issue closure has been disapproved.

Figure 7- Issue Disapproved Email to Assignee Reason and Action Area

The “Reason for Rejection” is added to the Issue Detail section of the email to let the Assignee know the reason the Supervisor reported for rejecting the closure. The Assignee has the same options to resolve the issue as the original Assignment email.

Mobile Friendly Issue Overview Graphs

The charts used in the Issue Dashboard have been refactored to use HTML5 native charts to ensure functionality across all modern browsers including desktop and mobile platforms. The charts are now responsive allowing them the reposition and resize according the screen resolution in which they are being viewed. Figure 7 below is a simulated view of the Issues Dashboard on an IPad with screen resolution of 1024x768.

Figure 8- Issues Overview viewed on an IPad

Current Known Issues

  • Search Open and Closed Issues  open Jan 15

    Details: # Description Verify that an Admin can search both Open and Closed Issues . # Steps to reproduce issue 1. Click on Reporting > Search in Main Menu 2. If there is an Institution drop-down at the top of the Issues Search view, select a Specific Institution 2.…

Closed Issues

  • Preventative Action no longer shows when hovering over Potential Violation  closed Jan 15

    Details:On the Issue view, when hovering over the Potential Violation for an issue, "Preventative Action" is no longer visible to the user in the tool-tip. *************************************************** ![image.png]( This is happening across all, Prod/Demo/Stage/Dev and from each role. SA/Org/Location and User. Related Service Desk ticket:

  • Scheduling - Unable to update recurring event with start date in past  closed May 13

    Details:When attempting to update a recurring event that was created in the past it says that the start date is invalid because it's in the past. Should be able to update an event regardless of when the start date is.

  • Action Plan View - Not Consistent on email Notifications (Action Plan Overdue & Outstanding Action Plans Report)  closed Jan 15

    Details: Existing creation and completion fields need to be consistent with adding and/or editing when viewing Action Plans via the notification emails. For example, via the "Outstanding Action Plans Report" email notification view, when viewing and then adding an Action Plan, it requires the "Details" field to be filled out when it should not. ![image.png]( ![image.png]( Another example: For "Action Plans Overdue" notification, the view should allow "Edits" as it does when creating an Action Plan. ![image.png](

  • Administrator Permissions Not Saving  closed Oct 26

    Details:Access permission changes for administrator roles are not being saved and revert when the user profile is reloaded. Related to previously reported issue #250

  • Support Modal Conflict with Reporting Codebase  closed Jul 25

    Details:Current code Support Form Request window conflicts with Reporting Dashboards and Reports

  • SuperAdmin Role Change Issue  closed Jan 15

    Details:SuperAdmin can't change existing user role to "User". SuperAdmins should be able to change any non-superuser role to any other non-superuser role.

  • Department Column Not displaying in Institution Admin Issue view when turned on for Parent Org  closed Jan 15

    Details:Log in as HCPAAdmin on Demo Server. Go to Issues Dashboard Note missing department column. Department column should be visible to all users in Issues grid and details when **UseDepartment** setting is true in _wsp_Organization_ table. This column does display for Org Admin.