Release 2.1 is a minor release of AuditPro to provide additional Report Subscriptions as well as additional options for Organization management. There are also several bug fix and format changes to the platform as well.


Feature: Monthly Report Subscription

There a new subscription option for Monthly Summary on the Reporting- Subscriptions page which provides similar detail to the Weekly Summary but for the past month.

Figure 1-Monthly Summary Subscription

Feature: Use Departments Option

There is a new option on the Clients Organization settings screens to enable the use of Departments in AuditPro. Enabling this feature will display the Department value for all Issues where the Department dropdown is selected within an AuditPro form. The setting is location on the Manage Organization screen as shown in Figure 2 below:

Figure 2 - Use Departments Setting on Manage Organization Screen

Once the Use Departments setting is selected, a new Colum will appear on the Issues grid as sown in Figure 3 below:

Figure 3- Issues grid with Departments column

Department information is also included in export Excel document when this option is set.

Feature: Issues by Assigned To Chart

A new chart depicting Issues by the user Assigned has been implemented a replaced the Issues by Priority Chart. Click in the chart area shows all Issues assigned to the user selected in the Issues grid container.

Figure 4- Issues Breakdown with “By Assigned To” Chart

Minor Changes and Fixes

  1. Issue Breakdown Graph Layout

    Layout of graph controls was modified to enable better visibility on smaller browsers and devices and reduce (not totally eliminate) the cutting off of longer labels (see Figure 4 above).

  2. Additional Organization Categories

    Organization categories have been added to AuditPro to better align by business functions of our clients. These categories are visible on the Organization settings via a dropdown menu.