Release 2.2 is a minor release of AuditPro to provide additional email capabilities related to issue management for users and supervisors. This enhancement includes HTML formatted emails as well as a new option called the Email Auto-Close feature. The Issue Dashboard has also been refactored in pure HTML to permit viewing of the dashboard graphs on mobile devices on IOS and Android platforms. For more information on this release or to enable the Email Auto-Close feature, please contact your AuditPro account representative.

Reformatted Issue Email Notifications

Email notifications sent to both Assignees and Supervisors have been reformatted in HTML and provide all Issue information within the email body. This enables Assignees how and when to act on the Issue without need for logging into AuditPro to determine the criticality and priority of the Issue. This enhancement applies to all emails related to Issue assignment and approval. Below is a screenshot of the new email format displaying the issue detail.

Figure 1- Issue Assignment Email with Issue Details

Email Auto-Close Option for Assignees

The Email Auto-Close feature is an option setting that is applied at the Client level meaning that once enables by an AuditPro Administrator, the option is available to all assignees at all locations within that client. The feature enables the Assignee to quickly acknowledge and close the Issue assigned to them by clicking a button in the email without needing to log into AuditPro. When this feature is enabled, an “Acknowledge & Close” button appears at the bottom of the email following the Issue Details. An example of an Issue Assignment email with this feature enabled is shown below:

Figure 2- Issue Assignment Email with Email Auto-Close Feature Enabled
Please Note: If the “Acknowledge & Close” button does not appear in Issue Assignment emails, the Email Auto-Close feature is not enable for the parent Organization.

Email Auto-Close Workflow

The workflow for Email Auto-Close has two primary paths. The first path is where the Assignee has no Supervisor assigned to them. In this case, when the “Acknowledge & Close” button is clicked in the email the Assignee will be notified that the Issue has been closed immediately.

The second path is where the Assignee does have a Supervisor assigned to them. In this case, when the “Acknowledge & Close” button is clicked in the email the Assignee will be notified that the Issue has been marked for review and approval by their Supervisor. A second email is then sent to the Supervisor notifying them of the pending issue for review. A simplified workflow diagram depicting the workflow is shown in Figure 3 below:

Figure 3 – Simplified Email Auto-Close Workflow

Supervisor Pending Issue Approval

Supervisors will receive an email for each Issue closed by people that report to them in AuditPro. The email will contain all Issue details with a notification and action button at the bottom of the email for the Supervisor to quickly log into AuditPro, fill in the necessary details, and approve or reject the closure. Figure 3 below shows the action area of the Pending Issue Approval email where the Supervisor can manage the request.

Figure 4- Supervisor Manage Request button in Pending Issue Approval email

When the Supervisor clicks the “Manage the Request” button, they are directed to Log into AuditPro. Once logged in, a streamlined Issue Detail screen appears instructing them to complete the minimum information for the Action plan for the issue. Figure 4 below shows the Issue Detail view and the minimum fields to create the Action plan.

Figure 5- Supervisor Quick Action Plan View

Once the action plan is created by the Supervisor, the approval fields are displayed so the Supervisor can approve or disapprove the closure. Figure 5 below shows the Action Plan Details entered and Supervisor Approval fields that display once the Action plan has been created.

Figure 6- Supervisor Approval View After Action Plan Creation

If approved, the Issue is immediately closed and no further action is required. If disapproved, another email is sent to the Assignee with the reason for the rejection of the closure. Figure 6 below shows the Action Area of the email sent to the Assignee if the Issue closure has been disapproved.

Figure 7- Issue Disapproved Email to Assignee Reason and Action Area

The “Reason for Rejection” is added to the Issue Detail section of the email to let the Assignee know the reason the Supervisor reported for rejecting the closure. The Assignee has the same options to resolve the issue as the original Assignment email.

Mobile Friendly Issue Overview Graphs

The charts used in the Issue Dashboard have been refactored to use HTML5 native charts to ensure functionality across all modern browsers including desktop and mobile platforms. The charts are now responsive allowing them the reposition and resize according the screen resolution in which they are being viewed. Figure 7 below is a simulated view of the Issues Dashboard on an IPad with screen resolution of 1024x768.

Figure 8- Issues Overview viewed on an IPad