Release 2.5 is a major release of AuditPro and provides several new features and enhancements that affect all users and administrators. For administrators, this release provides robust business intelligence and reporting known as AuditPro Compliance Intelligence (CI) as well as our new enhancements to provide more flexible user assignment capabilities within the AuditPro solution known as Flex-Assign. For administrators, the AuditPro CI enhancements include three (3) provided AuditPro BI Dashboards and fifteen (15) preconfigured reports. For users, the assignment model has been revamped in Flex-Assign to provide the ability for a single user account to be assigned across multiple locations/institutions without the need for elevated permissions. In addition, there are various bug fixes in AuditPro version 2.5 including a fix rendering of custom avatars on user lists, and a fix for the rendering department column in certain views when enabled.

Deprecated Features

With the release of AuditPro CI and the extremely flexible schedule reporting model, we have removed the legacy Subscriptions feature that sent pdf reports on a weekly and monthly basis. Effective on 4/1/2017, Users will no longer see the “Subscriptions” option in the Reporting Menu and the legacy Weekly and Monthly reports will no longer be delivered via email. For those users that would like to continue to receive these reports, the exact same report structure has been duplicated in the Monthly Report dashboard. User are encouraged to use it as is or modify it to their needs.

Release Details

Feature: AuditPro Compliance Intelligence (CI)

The AuditPRO CI feature is a fully capable business intelligence suite built directly into the AuditPro solution that provides administrators with access to vital real-time as well as historical information related the entire Organization or specifically location/institutions they manage. AuditPro CI has two primary components, Dashboard and Reports.


The Dashboard within AuditPro CI is used to aggregate or combine multiple individual reports into a single view. AuditPro CI provides three default Dashboards to all administrators to serve as starting point for their reporting needs.

Figure 1- Sample AuditPro CI Dashboard View

The Dashboard has many features including:


The report is the foundation of AuditPro CI in that it provides administrators with a real-time view of compliance information for their organization. Reports are based on custom views of the AuditPro database to provide the ability to filter the data by common meta-data values such as by location, building, department, and room. In addition to the 15 canned reports already available, AuditPro CI also provides two methods to develop reports based on the provided views. The Instant Report Designer is provided to allow for quicker report development with fewer ad-hoc control features. For more on the designer feature contact your AuditPro account representative.

Reports List

The Report List is where all visible reports are displayed to and interacted with by end users. Below is an example of how the report list looks in AuditPro.

Figure 2- Sample AuditPro CI Reports List Report Viewer

The Report Viewer lets you look at and modify existing any report, save a variation, print it, export to various formats, and share it through email.

Figure 3- Sample AuditPro CI Report Viewer

Feature: Flex-Assign

The Flex-Assign feature has been introduced into AuditPro to provide a more robust level of flexibility and granularity in the assignment of users and administrators within the system. In combination with the users feature permissions, this capability enables administrators to assign users to exactly the locations/institutions they need without requiring higher level access than necessary to perform the user day-to-day functions.

In addition, the Flex-Assign feature now enables administrators to grant and revoke administrative privileges directly in the user profile window. Both of these features are illustrated in the example user profile below:

Figure 4-Sample Flex-Assign User Profile Edit Screen

Bug Fixes

AuditPro 2.5 resolved two specific issues:
  1. Broken rendering of custom user avatars in list views – in some cases, custom avatars where not rendering correctly in User lists for Administrators.
  2. Department Column Not Visible in Issues Grid – For Organizations using the Department meta-data column, the Department was not rendering in the Location Administrator view