Release 2.6 is a minor release of AuditPRO and provides several new features and enhancements that affect all users. This release provides:

Release Details

Feature: AuditPRO Support Form

The Support Form feature is a web-based form that is available from anywhere on the AuditPRO portal. The form completes all user contact information and makes it easy to contact the AuditPRO support team for general questions or issues you may be experiencing.

Figure 1- Support Form Link on Bottom Right All Screens

Clicking on the Support Form link brings up the Support Form prepopulated with your user information making it easy to get in touch with the support team.

Figure 2- AuditPRO Support Form

The support contact information can also be customized for clients that desire their users to follow a different support process.

Feature: Help Page Contact Information

The Help Page now lists the Support contact information on the bottom right of the screen under the heading Get Help. This information is also "client customizable" based on individual client needs.

Figure 3- Get Help Support Information Block

Feature: Automatic Audit Records Repository

The Automatic Audit Reports Repository feature provides a comprehensive repository of Audit Record pdfs reflecting every audit conducted by the client staff. The Audit Record pdfs are immediately available upon completion and submission of a form using the AuditPRO Mobile Form client without any user intervention. Like all other repositories in AuditPRO, the Audit Records repository is subject to the same user level access permissions controlled by client administrators.

Figure 4- Audit Reports Repository

Feature: Inline Document Viewer

The Inline Document Viewer enables an instant view of the repository documents without the needs to download and save to the users computer. It supports standard office documents, pdf, and web-ready images. If the document is of a type that is supported by the Inline Document Viewer, a viewer icon will appear next to the download link in the Repository list.

Figure 5- Inline Document Viewer Button

Click on the viewer button next to a document will open it in the Inline Document Viewer.

Figure 6- Example Inline Document Viewer