Release 2.8 is a minor release of AuditPRO and provides several new features and enhancements that affect all users. This release provides:

Release Details

Feature: AuditPRO Premium Issue Auto-Assign (AA)

The Premium Issue Auto-Assign (AA) feature is a new feature that provides the ability for administrators to automatically assign issues to their users based on one of six different criteria for each Issue reported in AuditPRO. Administrators can now configure automatic assignments of Issues on a fklexible per-user basis by Room, Floor, Building, Department, Violation Type, or Institution. Figure 1- User Assignment

User assignments can be created with a few simple clicks on the user's profile page.

AuditPROS's proprietary data structure make's it easy to pinpoint the exact user administrator's want to be assigned certain types of issues.

For more information on licensing options for AuditPRO Issue Auto-Assign (AA) Scheduling, contact your AuditPRO representative or reseller.

Feature: Issue Assigment Auto-Complete

The Issue Assigment Auto-Complete feature allows administrators the ability to filter their user list through type-down filtering. This is especially valuable for organizations with a large number of users.

Figure 2- Issue Assigment Auto-Complete

Allows the ability to type any part of the user's name the administrator is serach for and the system will filter out any non-matching users reducing the number of choices.

Issue Assigment Auto-Complete is available to all AuditPRO subscribers.

Enhancements, Optimizations and Fixes