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Cannabis Companies

AuditPro provides inspection and reporting solutions that companies in highly regulated industries use to reduce risk and improve safety & compliance. All cannabis inspections are tied to state regulations and fire safety standards. We’ve done all the work of reading and understanding the requirements to develop the appropriate inspection forms.

Cultivators, processors, transporters, and dispensaries use AuditPro to inspect their operations. The results and corrective actions are available in real-time on our dashboard. Never again will you lose important safety and compliance issues in an email inbox or in a stack of papers.

Report violations and compliance scores for the entire company, by business type, by state, or individual facility. Identify your best performers and share best-practices across your company.

Spend less time on compliance and safety and get better results. Spend more time running your business.

Cannabis Regulators

State use AuditPro to inspect licensed businesses. Working together on the AuditPro dashboard, cannabis operators can detail corrective actions for any violations found at their facility by state inspectors.

Using our real-time reporting states can identify trends and top violations. States are able to see this information for all companies, by company type (cultivator, processor, distribution, and retailer), and for an individual company.

Armed with this information states can focus their education, support, and investment on the top violations and trends in their state. States can track improvement over time to measure the effectiveness of education and awareness campaigns and investment.

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