Pandemic Preparedness Solutions



Based upon OSHA 3990-03 2020 COVID-19 guidance, VIGILIS combines a comprehensive Employee /Visitor screening tool with AuditPRO Infection Prevention Forms into one comprehensive Pandemic Preparedness platform:

Employee/Visitor Screening Tool

Designed specifically for ease of use, the Vigilis solution both screens individuals when they enter a location and reports on their current and historical status in that location. Be it a nursing home, retail store, warehouse, or any other facility that needs to implement an infection control practice, Vigilis will fit the bill.

Electronic Inspection Forms

The COVID-19 inspection forms incorporate infection prevention and industrial hygiene standards of best management practices, serving as a checklist to ensure that proper procedures are followed and that high-touch point areas are cleaned and disinfected. The app also identifies areas of deficiency so that they can be addressed.

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