Covid-19 Infection Prevention Workplace Preparation

by John Nicklin

Posted on Thu Apr 23, 2020
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To help prepare businesses for managing the impact of COVID-19 on their workers, customers, and the general public AuditPRO has developed a program based upon three components; 1) a Preparedness and Response Plan; 2) Training; and 3) an Electronic Inspection Tool. Our program is based on the OSHA 3990-03 2020 COVID-19 guidance and incorporates infection prevention and industrial hygiene standards of best management practices.

Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan:

The Preparedness and Response Plan will help guide protective actions against COVID-19. The Plan addresses the level(s) of risk associated with various business activities and identifies controls necessary to mitigate exposure: Engineering Controls, Administrative Controls, Safe Work Practices, and PPE.


The Training program focuses on preventative actions and response designed to prevent and/or respond to a workplace exposure. Topics include preparedness and response, the appropriate application of PPE, as well as cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Electronic Inspection Tool:

The COVID-19 inspection app serves as a checklist for the Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan ensuring that proper procedures are followed and that high-touch point areas are cleaned and disinfected. The app also identifies areas of deficiency so that they can be addressed.

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