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Asset Compliance NEW

Asset Compliance
  • Flexible Asset Categorization - allows you to represent the assets so they make sense to your organiztion.
  • Fully Customizable Standards and Practices - offers the flexibility to apply your organizations specific Standards and best-practices in regards to inspection and certification tracking.
  • Separate Inspection and Certification Life-cycles - grants you full control of the way assets are inspected and certified when necessary.
  • Clear Compliance Accountability - including individual or group asset assignment and even delegation to third parties.
  • Adhoc and Automatic Scheduling - pre-plan your asset compliance workload and handle ahdoc events seamlessly.
  • Individual and Bulk Inspections - means you can schedule and perform the inspection of a single asset or a group of assets in a secific location
  • Real-time Asset Dashboard - show you your current asset compliance and your upcoming workload at a glance.
  • Asset Managment System Integration - is an optional feature that offers full integration with existing Asset Management Systems.


  • Improved Visibility - Share your calendar with your peers and see who's doing what.
  • More Granular Control - enables administrators to schedule and assign audits.
  • Better Resource Utilization - comprehensive view of events help you leverage your staff resources more efficiently.
  • User Calendar Integration - provides integration with all popular user calendaring systems.

AuditFLIX Dashboard NEW

AuditFLIX Dashboard
  • Up-to-the-Minute Trending - show you trends for Open Issues, Closed Issues, and Avg Time Open that are updated in real-time.
  • Zero Administration - your dashboard is pre-configured to show only what you need to see - your current open Issue and Requests
  • Flexible Configuration - lets you zero in on the part of your organization you want see like Building, Department, Floor or Room or any combination of them that suits your needs. And the configuration determines the time period of open issues to show in hours, days, weeks, or months.
  • Issue Auto-Paging and Content Scrolling - provides a truly hands-off experience so all you have to do is watch.
  • Responsive Design - means the AuditFLIX Dashboard can run on any device, but is especially designed for Widescreen Smart TVs.

Data Archiving Service NEW

Data Archiving Service
  • Automated Gathering of your Data - no manual intervention or exporting of data from the system.
  • Complete Archive of Records - gathers every Issue, Inspection, and Observation recorded for the entire month including PDF Reports and Images submitted with the Issue.
  • Flexible to Use - Simply download, extract and store your data in compliance with your data retention policies.

Auto Assignment NEW

Auto Assignment
  • Streamlined Issue Administration - reduces your organization's need to manually assign issues for resolution.
  • Powerful Assignment Rules - assignments can be scoped by Location, Regulation Type, Department, Building, Floor, and Room or any cambination that fits your specific need.
  • Adjustable as Your Needs Change - assignments are managed right in the user profile.
  • Delegated Access - provides the abiblity to delegate the assignments to the right people and roles to fit your managment model.

Third-Party Integrations NEW

Third-Party Integrations
AuditPRO can be securely integrated with existing systems to provide tighter controls and automation with existing systems. Common integrations include:
  • Asset Management Systems - leverage AuditPRO's Asset Compliance capabilities for all of your existing assets or just a subset of them.
  • Facilities Management Systems - Integrate such facility information as Departments, Buildings, Floors, and Rooms to keep you compliance data accurate and timely.
  • Workorder Management Systems - Create Workorders for repairs or other Action Plan activities directly in your existing Workorder system.
  • User/Role Management - synchronize Users, Roles and authentication credentials to reduce your AudiPRO administration needs and manage it all in your existing system.
  • And Anything You Can Imagine - AuditPRO Integration is custom tailored to meet you specific needs.

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