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AssetPRO Asset Management Solution

AssetPRO makes it easy to see if an asset has been inspected.

AssetPRO provides extended capability to specifically designed to manage the ongoing compliance life-cycle of all the physical assets in your organization. Designed to integrate seamlessly into the AuditPRO compliance ecosystem, the Asset Compliance AddOn provides for both Inspection and Certification requirements that are custom tailored to each Organizations specific needs, including Federal, State and organizational Best Practices.

Asset Compliance

Asset Compliance
  • Flexible Asset Categorization - allows you to represent the assets so they make sense to your organization.
  • Fully Customizable Standards and Practices - offers the flexibility to apply your organizations specific Standards and best-practices in regards to inspection and certification tracking.
  • Separate Inspection and Certification Life-cycles - grants you full control of the way assets are inspected and certified when necessary.
  • Clear Compliance Accountability - including individual or group asset assignment and even delegation to third parties.
  • Ad-hoc and Automatic Scheduling - pre-plan your asset compliance workload and handle ah-doc events seamlessly.
  • Individual and Bulk Inspections - means you can schedule and perform the inspection of a single asset or a group of assets in a specific location
  • Real-time Asset Dashboard - show you your current asset compliance and your upcoming workload at a glance.
  • Asset Management System Integration - is an optional feature that offers full integration with existing Asset Management Systems.

Audits and Inspections

Audits and Inspections
  • Mobile Client Included – Supports IOS and Android making for an easy to implement BYOD deployment without additional hardware costs.
  • No More Paper Checklists –Intuitive and easy-to-use smart forms unleash your auditor’s and inspector’s productivity.
  • No Form Development Required – AuditPRO Guided Forms are created and maintained by our EHS professionals reflecting years of experience.
  • No EHS Experience Required – AuditPro Guided Forms are designed to provide clients with professional EHS determinations and automatically link them to regulatory citations, standards of industry best practices, or customer policies.
  • Selective Entry – Organized by topic to allow experienced staff to target the specific area they want to focus on.
  • Built-In Help Topics – Self-guided, interactive help content provides contextual informative multi-media reference data just a click away.
  • Flexible Sharing -Audits/Inspections sync to the AuditPRO Portal AND send well formatted and concise pdf reports via email.
  • Remote Dispatch – Allows you to direct and prioritize your field activities remotely.
  • Workflow Approval – Enables you to collaborate on a single submission with multiple users. This can be used to pass a submission to another user for approval before it is submitted to the AuditPro Portal.

Regulations and Standards

Regulations and Standards
  • Up-to-Date Regulations – Regulatory content is constantly managed and updated by our team of EHS Professionals so you don’t have to.
  • Built-In Corrective and Preventative Recommendations – Each regulation and standard comes with corrective and preventative recommendations to quickly apply the right resolution without the need to do additional research.
  • Custom Protocols such as best practices or you companies standards allow you to use AuditPro to meet your all compliance management needs .

Assignment and Notification

Assignment and Notification
  • Email Notifications – Notify users via E-Mail at key point in the process with all detail including photos, comments, corrective and preventative recommendations without having to log into the AuditPRO portal.
  • Bulk Assignment – Quickly assign multiple issues to a user or several users with just a few quicks.
  • Audit Dispatch – Prepopulate forms and assign users to perform audits either at a scheduled time or at their discretion.

Remediation and Approval

Remediation and Approval
  • Easy-to-Use Action Plans – Whether you’re managing a handful of Issues or thousands, AuditPRO’s web-based Action Plan feature provides all the tools you need to keep track of the details you need to effectively report and manage issues to closure.
  • Email Quick-Close – The available Quick-Close feature allows users to view the full detail of Issues and close them directly from within E-Mail messages for true one click compliance.
  • Flexible Workflow – Easy to setup account preferences allow Closed Issues to be approved automatically or staged for Supervisor Approval.

Prevention and Correction

Prevention and Correction
  • Real-Time Issue Reporting – Issues identified in the field are instantly populated to the AuditPRO Portal for immediate resolution.
  • Concise Issue Management - Manage all of your compliance Issues in a single dashboard view sortable by Category, Location, Priority, and Assignee.
  • Your Risk Profile At-A-Glance – See and report your up-to-the minute exposure in terms of potential fines for unresolved issues.

Reporting and Sharing

Reporting and Sharing
  • Robust Dashboard and Reporting puts your critical information at your fingertips.
  • Real-Time Results so you can see your information immediately.
  • Organized by Priority so you can focus on the most important events first and prioritize your resources effectively.
  • Ad Hoc Search for issues and detail by dozens of different criteria.
  • Export your Searches to MS Excel so you can process the data anyway you see fit.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time Analytics
  • Robust Dashboard and Reporting - Built in fully functional Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics
  • Real-Time Results so you can see your information immediately.
  • Dozens of Pre-Built Reports to get you started.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting to see your data your way.
  • Collaboration and Sharing via E-Mail so you can share BI with anyone anytime.
  • Report Scheduling and Automation so you can set it and forget it.
  • Mobile Ready so you can Report from anywhere.

Interactive Guidance

Interactive Guidance
  • Expertise at Your Fingertips Makes your staff productive immediately and reduces or eliminates EHS Training costs.
  • Built-In Guidance puts professional EHS Training material directly in the form.
  • Context-Based Help gives your staff access to the information they need when they need it.
  • Built by Professionals - Thousands of professionally developed Help topics available online of offline.

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