Accreditation, Quality and Facilities Rounding Solutions


Accreditation & Compliance Inspections Made Easy

AuditPro is an ideal platform for rounding at hospitals as well as at multiple offsite locations. Issues are automatically identified and comprehensive reporting provides performance metrics in real-time. Use the built in workflow or export to any 3rd party work order system to track, manage and assign issues.

Prepopulated forms tied to regulatory citations and accreditation standards are available for following areas of responsibility:

  • EOC Rounds
  • EVS Rounds
  • Asset Inspections (fire extinguishers, fire doors, exit signs, etc.)
  • Mechanical Rounds (boilers, pumps, etc.)
  • Custom Inspections (Rx Waste, Hospital Construction Survey, etc.)

Using our Tracer you can show Surveyors and Regulators:

  • the inspections completed
  • issues found during those inspections
  • corrective action taken to remediate the issues

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